USA on the eve of “Super Tuesday”

USA on the eve of “Super Tuesday”

Today in the United States, the “super Tuesday” is an important stage of the upcoming presidential elections in November. On March 5, the Republican and Democratic parties are holding primaries in 16 states, including California, Texas and Virginia. The results of the preliminary voting in these states are important for the selection of candidates at the congresses of these parties.

Turan Agency's special correspondent will monitor the primaries in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he will visit several polling stations, learn the opinions of voters and volunteers.

American experts highly rate the chances of Donald Trump's primaries.  At the same time, it is noted that for the first time in the history of the “super Tuesday“ it will be ”boring".  In the states where the primaries have already taken place, voter activity was not high. Incumbent President Joe Biden is the leader of the primaries from his party.

As for the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump remains the favorite of the campaign, with whom former US representative to the UN Nick Haley competes. Haley's victory in the primaries in Washington and the District of Columbia, where she received 62.9% of the vote, against Trump's 33.2%, added some intrigue to the struggle among Republicans.

The total number of delegates who will choose the Republican candidate will be 2,429. The Democrats will have a primary in Washington in June. Meanwhile, on March 4, the US Supreme Court overturned the decision of the Colorado court to ban Trump from running for president in this state. This decision will be valid throughout the country — individual states will no longer be able to ban Trump from participating in elections. This decision strengthened Trump's campaign in the fight for the presidency of the United States.

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