Ex-deputy: Financial Monitoring Service should address the serious issues

Former member of the Milli Majlis, an economist Nazim Mamedov in an interview with Turan commented on the report of the Financial Monitoring of suspicious money transfers.

"This service can carry out checks for money transfers in the amount of 20 thousand. Manat and more.

There are no any restrictions in the law  about cashing. Any natural or legal person is entitled to any amount of cash in the bank," he said. The expert believes that some firms, mainly in the field of construction, use only cash. However, this is a complex problem, and not of  individual persons or entities.

For example, the wholesale  building materials market in  Darnagul is a fertile ground for tax evasion.

Concerning the criminal proceedings against the many NGOs accused of tax evasion, the expert said that these organizations are not engaged in commercial activities.

"What kind of tax evasion can we talk? I do not believe that serious NGOs can avoid compliance with labor laws. They  do not  do business, therefore I doubt  the charges against them, and I doubt the objectivity of such accusations," said the ex-deputy, and added that such a practice  causes damage to Azerbaijan’s image.

Commenting on the information that the Financial Monitoring Service  have noted 86.5% of suspicious money transfers of up to 5000 manats, Nazim Mamedov called it a "waste of time". "If the  activity of  this service is limited to such a ridiculous amount,  then one should think about the meaning of its  service.  Recently  hundreds of millions of Mubarak, former ruler of Egypt, were transferred via Azerbaijan to Europe, and it was considered legitimate , and did not cause any suspicion by monitoring services," said Mamedov.

The  NGOs just  control the implementation of international conventions  by Azerbaijan by contribution  to the democratization of the country. "In this case, the allocation of grants to NGOs only promotes the interests of Azerbaijan, and  such  situation is observed in all democratic countries,"  said Mamedov.

He also recalled the allocation of grants to NGOs from the state budget. "In this process, too, there is a disruption and adverse events, and the NGOs  State Support Council  is  also taking steps in this direction. Therefore, the problem of tax evasion and corruption, is not a problem of NGOs,  it is  general problem of the country," concluded Mamedov.-03B-     

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