Expert on Traitors Exposed in Army

Baku / 08.05.17 / Turan: Yesterday in a joint statement, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service of Azerbaijan reported the arrest of a large group of military and civilians - Azerbaijani citizens accused of spying for Armenia and preparing terrorist operations.

The military expert Uzeir Jafarov, answering Turan's questions, called for patience.

- The public is alarmed by this news, and the army leadership is accused of negligence and inaction.

- I urge citizens not to succumb to panic rumors. This happens everywhere and in most armies. Everything is tightly controlled. 30-40 people, no matter what they do, will never be able to influence the military spirit and fighting ability of a 100,000-strong army.

Some people demand to disclose the names of those arrested. But one must understand that without a court decision these people are still only suspects. Arrest and prosecution do not mean the guilt of a particular suspect. You cannot call every arrested person a traitor to the Motherland.

 There are many cases when servicemen who stayed in the cells went out clean and returned to military service. Some even rose to the rank of Major-General and Lieutenant-General. I can name a General accused of stealing food and fuel and lubricants belonging to the Ministry of Defense and the Border Guard Service. The investigation revealed his innocence.

- What happened will for sure strike the image of the army among the population.

- Turning to the "heroes of virtual networks," I want to say: respect the armed forces and the state. Some people measure the country and the army according to their own measures, turning to personalities and insults. This is not a healthy criticism, but hostility, a deliberate one, as if they serve the enemy and want to throw information to him. Behind a computer screen, a lot can seem easy. But do not forget that at a time when we are carelessly and safely living in warm homes, soldiers and officers carry out a heavy and dangerous service. -0-

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