Limit of confidence to Mahmudov has finished , expert

It is not the first case of a sudden displacement of the Minister of National Security of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with Turan and radio "Voice of America" Ilham Ismail, the retired Lieutenant-Colonel of the MNS, commenting on the dismissal Eldar Mahmudov.

Rumors about his dismissal  have been for some time  in the political circles too. However, the dismissal process and subsequent reports of detention in the MNS leadership is a case out of the common.

It is very difficult to say something definitely about the reasons for the resignation of Makhmudov, stressed Ilham Ismail.

Mahmudov came to the  MNS from police, and soon he dismissed many professionals, including investigators and other specialists. They were replaced by immigrants from the Anti-Corruption Squad, Traffic Police and the Prison Service.

"With such personnel could not perform the tasks facing the organs of national security," said the expert.

It is clear that a trust limit to the Makhmudov has exhausted , and sudden resignation indicates the degree of loss of confidence. However, it is interesting, why did it happen? What has he done?

It is noteworthy that Mahmudov was considered a privileged person very close to the head of state, and  has extensive powers. His commitment  was not doubted. A similar situation occurred in 2005, when people of Makhmudov arrested two ministers - Farhad Aliyev and Ali Insanov on charges of treason.

The case of Makhmudov shows that there are no untouchable people, said Ismail.

Can the new Minister that the change in the strategy of national security of Azerbaijan? Answering this question, Ismail said that the strategy does not define the personnel changes. It is determined by the state  and its management.

So, there is the concept of national security, adopted in 2007. It shows the sources of threats and ways of elimination. "However, often it is not respected." Changing strategy in the competence of the head of state. However, external factors also often require the introduction of new elements and changes in the strategy of the country.

What is the selection of Azerbaijan - the West or Russia? On this issue, Ismail recalled that the concept of national security specifically says that along with close relations with its neighbors, Azerbaijan should be integrated into the European and Euro-Atlantic space.

"But this situation is not being implemented, the authorities's relationship with with Europe and the West in general the  now very bad,"  said Ismail.-03 / 16C-

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