New Parliament to Support Administrative Resources of Mehriban Aliyeva

- The NAP decision on the dissolution of the Milli Majlis is connected with the latest processes taking place in the country. During the referendum in 2016, the Institute of Vice-Presidency was created. Subsequently, Mehriban Aliyeva was appointed to the post of Vice President. Then the formation of her team in the executive branch began. The dissolution of the parliament and its formation is again associated with this process. That is, the parliament should be brought into line with the newly created executive system. Therefore, new faces will come to the Milli Majlis. The main question is this. Strengthening the legislative body is an integral part and foundation of the newly created management system.

- The Milli Majlis is a structure with significantly limited powers. What is the need to form it again?

- We say that the Milli Majlis has no authority. In fact, laws are passed in parliament, decisions are made, and deputies speak out. They travel abroad and build relationships. As I already said, different statements were made in parliament in different time frames, hints were made to various groups, and interests of various circles were manifested. Until recently, there was a certain struggle using the deputy chair. However, the situation is changing, and this will be limited. The second - they want to bring the parliament into working condition. There are many deputies who participate in the work of parliament formally, which does not correspond to membership in the legislative body. Here you need to be informed, to know certain areas, to come up with proposals for improving the legislative framework, and you need to work. In my opinion, most of the parliament is incapable of this. Therefore, the agenda was the question of changing it and bringing it into a more operational state.

- In that case, if I may say so, will a more professional parliament be formed?

- The new parliament will support the administrative resources formed by Mehriban Aliyeva. That is, in general, the process of forming power is undergoing anew, and the dissolution of parliament is an integral part of this process.

- In the middle of the year, NAP officials denied rumors about parliamentary dissolution, arguing that the elections would be held in a timely manner, that is, next year.

- They also said that the presidential election will be held in a timely manner. At the end of 2017, Ali Hasanov said that the election would not be early. However, a month later another decision was made. But there were expectations associated with parliament. Looking through the recent speeches of Ilham Aliyev, it seems that the speeches are in the nature of an election campaign. I wanted to write about it, but I was late. The process has already begun.

- In that case, can another extraordinary presidential election be held?

- No, why?! According to the Constitution, if the President does not fulfill his duties, he will be replaced by the Vice President before the next election. Parliamentary elections may be held in April-May. However, before this very important events can happen that will support the process.


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