İlkin Süleymanov

İlkin Süleymanov

Baku/05.06.23/Turan: The sentence of Ilkin Suleymanov, accused of killing a little girl in Tovuz district, was read out in Ganja Court of Grave Crimes on Monday.

The court sentenced him to 18 years in a strict regime colony.

The sentence will be appealed, Suleymanov's lawyer Alibaba Rzayev told Turan.  "This sentence means the execution of the right. More than two years of judicial investigation had been going on. There is not a single piece of evidence in the case.  There is even information about who really committed the crime.  We hoped that there would be no such blatant injustice, but we were wrong.  The defence will fight to the end for the restoration of justice.

Rufat Safarov, executive director of the "Defence Line" NGO, said: "The court has rewritten the indictment into a verdict without any evidence".

The prosecutor asked to sentence Suleymanov to 20 years of imprisonment.

Suleymanov himself pleaded not guilty.  He was accused of kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old girl in the village of Dondar Gushchu, Tovuz region, in November 2019.

Note that in early January 2020. Suleymanov discovered the girl's charred body in the village and he was also accused of the murder. He was charged under Articles of the Criminal Code 120.2.4 (intentional murder with particular cruelty), 120.2.9 (intentional murder of a person known to be helpless to the perpetrator), 133.2.1 (causing suffering to an abducted person), 133.2.4 (harming a minor, helpless person), 144 (abduction).

According to the accusation, Suleymanov was jealous of his classmate Sharif Guliyev, who had a family and children, and he did not. Therefore, Suleymanov abducted his daughter Narmin in order to adopt her. After 47 days he killed her and burned her body near their home.

According to lawyers and human rights defenders, the investigation was grossly flawed and Suleymanov was tortured to make a confession.  Suleymanov's relatives and fellow villagers staged protests demanding his release. -03B06-

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