Appeal of the theologian is not satisfied

Baku / 25.09.17 / Turan: The Shirvan Court of Appeal, presided over by Judge Rafik Jafarov, on September 25 did not satisfy the complaint of the theologian Sardar Babayev. The latter filed a complaint against the decision of the Masalli court. Turan was informed about this by lawyer Javad Javadov.

Sardar Babayev was detained on February 22 this year. He is charged under Article 168.1 (an attempt on the rights of people under religious cover). The Masalli court sentenced the theologian to 3 years imprisonment.

According to the accusation, Sardar Babayev received religious education abroad. Under the laws of Azerbaijan, it is for this reason that it is not allowed to conduct mourning ceremonies such as Babaev.

The theologian does not accuse the prosecution, claiming that he was arrested by order of local authorities. According to the defense, Babayev got his education abroad before the adoption of restrictive articles in the legislation. Persons holding executive positions in the Caucasus Muslims Office also received education abroad. In addition, these restrictive articles were relaxed in May this year. So people who study abroad can conduct mourning ceremonies after receiving permission from the CMD.

According to the lawyer, today all the streets leading to the Shirvan Court of Appeal were closed.

"At first they did not allow us - lawyers Yalchin Imanov and me. Then, after our remarks, 5-6 relatives of Sardar Babayev were allowed into the hall, "said Javad Javadov. Lawyers, in protest, refused to speak in court.

"Sardar Babayev in his speech stated the absolute groundlessness of the accusations against him. He also noted that he was very pleased with his arrest on this charge," said the lawyer. He also noted that none of their petitions for protection by the court were satisfied. "Such an arrest is inadequate to the accusation against Sardar Babayev. The court should, at least, reduce the term of arrest," Javad Javadov said.

Lawyers will file a cassation appeal.

At the meeting of the court on September 11 the lawyers made the following motions - the replacement of a real arrest at home, the sending of a request to the Constitutional Court in connection with the article of the prosecution, the examination of the appeal with partial investigation (calling of additional witnesses). The defense also asked that the defendant be allowed to sit next to them in court. However, the court did not satisfy any of the petitions. -03B04-

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