Arif Yunus Became Ill in Courtroom Again (UPDATED-VİDEO)


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2015 August 13 (Thursday) 12:59:30

At the trial of the human rights activist Leila Yunus and her husband Arif Yunus the concluding speeches of their lawyers were held today. They asked to acquit the two accused. After that, a final word was given to the defendants themselves. However, due to the sharp deterioration in the health of Arif Yunus, the meeting was adjourned. A doctor was called from the MNS jail and the trial was postponed.

Today the access of representatives of independent media and civil society activists to the trial was restricted again. Only a few embassies and several relatives of the accused were represented.

Note that due to the deterioration of Yunus’s health the hearings have been interrupted and the trial has been postponed twice.

Earlier, the prosecutor asked the court to sentence Leila Yunus to 11 years in prison and Arif Yunus to 9 years in prison, finding them guilty of economic crimes. They reject guilt and find the charges politically motivated. -06B--

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