Ишхан Вердян

Ишхан Вердян

Baku/06.08.22/Turan: An Armenian activist, blogger, known for his peace initiatives, temporarily residing with his family in Istanbul, Ishkhan Verdyan turned to President Ilham Aliyev with a request to grant him citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At the same time, he emphasizes that he intends to live in the city of Khankendi.

The appeal begins with an indication that he always considered Karabakh an Azerbaijani land, and justified this with international law. “None of the Armenians has ever refuted this point of view of mine, no one has entered into debates with me on this topic, no one has been able to legally, legally substantiate my mistake. I just thought that since Armenia has taken a course towards civilization, it should already begin to respect international law – the right of the community it is going to join.”

“I see the future of Armenia as one of the Scandinavian countries… I have always said that Armenians who do not leave for Armenia and stay in Karabakh will have to obtain Azerbaijani citizenship… I want to show them that it is absolutely safe to live there, like Armenians. And even - it's great to live,” I. Verdyan notes.

“Dear Mr. President! I ask you to give me Azerbaijani citizenship and allow me to live and work in Khankendi, peacekeeper Ishkhan Verdyan said.

In a conversation with Turan, he answered the question of why his appeal was filed immediately after the recent fighting in Karabakh, and whether this would cause a new wave of attacks on him from Armenia and Karabakh.

“This is not a coincidence, the appeal is a consequence of the events that took place in Karabakh. Yes, this caused a flurry of fierce hatred towards me from the Armenians, I knew that it would be so. My step is aimed at the future, and it is in the future that it will be correctly assessed, I have no doubt. In the meantime, hatred towards me will increase a little, but I'm not afraid of it, I'm used to living in hatred,” I. Verdyan answered.

*I. Verdyan was a participant in the interviews published in Turan.

Kremlin appointed Armenians to be human shield against Turkey - Ishkhan Verdyan.

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