Armenians captured a 15-year-old resident of Tartar region

Azerbaijani citizen Javid Samir Oglu Mammadov got captured by Armenians in northeastern Karabakh.

According to Karabakh separatists, he was arrested on September 5 at 18.10 near the village Chayli while attempting to cross the front line.

In the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry they confirmed the information about the capture of Mammadov and reported conducting a proper investigation.

According to ANS, Mammadov is 15 years old and he goes to school number 2 in Tartar.

According to relatives, September 5, in the morning he went to Chayli to bathe in the river and fish.

Mammadov is the son of the deputy chief of traffic police in the Tartar district.

Mammadov’s fate is under control of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Mammadov has been visited by representatives of the ICRC, they said in the Baku Red Cross mission.

The organization also visited Dilgam Askerov and Shahbaz Guliyev previously taken hostage by Armenians. -06D--

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