Azerbaijani Citizens Demand Acceleration of Their Admission to Homeland

Baku / 02.06.20 / Turan: On the Russian-Azerbaijani border, the number of Azerbaijani citizens waiting to enter their country is increasing. They demand acceleration of their admission to Azerbaijan.

Despite crossing the border on June 2 with another group of about 100 people, more and more new groups of Azerbaijani citizens arrive in Kullar.

This was reported to Turan by the residents of the tent camp created in Kullar for Azerbaijani citizens.
On June 2, about 60 more people who had previously stayed at the 1001 Nights Hotel in Derbent arrived in Kullar.

“People were tired of waiting at the hotel and decided to walk towards the border. The vice-mayor of Derbent, having seen this, allocated them an Icarus bus,» said one of those who are in the camp in Kullar.

According to him, the people are located at the asphalt plant. The names of these people were on the lists of people who were supposed to be taken out, but for unknown reasons they were not taken away.

“In general, the selection criteria for exported persons are not clear. Among the exported to Azerbaijan today, only about 40 were from the camp, the remaining 60 were brought from outside. It is clear that women and children are taken out as a priority. But there were quite a few young people among those exported. We have been living here for almost a month now, and those who arrived in Dagestan just a few days ago are being let in,” another Azerbaijani citizen said.

According to him, the tents in Kullar are crowded.

New arrivals settle down right on the street. From cellophane and other improvised means, people create a home for themselves along the walls of the plant. Others put mattresses right on the pavement.

“The conditions are unbearable. It’s very hot in tents during the day. It’s cool at night. There is no way to take a shower. Many people have no money left to buy food. People today have refused food that is prepared in the tent kitchen. But not because it is of poor quality - it was a protest against not letting us into our homeland. People demand faster pass. Let at least 200 people pass through at least a day or two. There is a very tense situation. The people are annoyed and nervous. Some are emotional. Several people were arrested for periods of 3 to 5 days, only because they made legal demands to let them go to their faces,” said another Azerbaijani citizen who has been in the border village of Kullar for almost a month.

It should be noted that earlier on May 18 and 26, 251 people returned from the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan through the land border.

In total, by May 18, about 900 Azerbaijani citizens were in Dagestan.

Representatives of the headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers declare that the return of Azerbaijani citizens is carried out taking into account the possibilities of quarantine zones to receive them.—06B-


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