Behbudov will ask Ramil Usubov to install lattice on the windows

The head of the Committee against Torture Elchin Behbudov visited Mingachevir to monitor local police after the death of 27-year-old there Bahruz Hajiyev. Behbudov met with the people  arrested for participating in a protest against the death of Hajiyev.

Behbudov reported that he also spoke with the father of the deceased, Dilsuz Hajiyev and other relatives.    Relatives believe that Bakhruz was tortured, because  there were not less than five tracks from the stun on his body .

Gurban Safarov , the investigator for special cases of the Office for Serious Crimes of the  Prosecutor General,  said that  medical examination will define the causes of these spots, the results of which have not yet made public.

The  investigator pointed to violations of the Mingachevir police officer Shahlar Shahlarzade, which did not provide inspection  of  B.Hajiev’s clothes   in the presence of witnesses, left him alone  in the room, and did not provide a lawyer.

In the  temporary detention Police Department  of Mingechevir there are  21 people,

16 were arrested for taking part in a protest on August 22. According to Behbudov, all of them   are under administrative detention from 10 to 20 days under Article 310.1 (not submission legitimate demands of police.)

During the meetings, no one complained about the conditions of detention and treatment, said Behbudov.  Beings asked if  Parvin Jafarov and  Gara Allahverdiyev are the  activists of APFP, Behbudov said that  he did remember the names of all arrested, but none of the detainees was not talking about his party affiliation.

Behbudov was unable to meet with the police Shahlarzade, which was sent to Ganja. Behbudov intends to ask the Interior Minister Ramil Usubov to install lattice in all interrogation rooms to avoid similar incidents. -06D-

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