Border guards seized almost 180 kg of drugs in March

Border guards seized almost 180 kg of drugs in March

The State Border Service of Azerbaijan reported on measures taken in March to protect borders, combat crime, illegal migration, smuggling and drug trafficking. In March, 24 border violators were detained, including 8 citizens of Azerbaijan, 7 from Iran, 3 from Afghanistan, 2 from Pakistan, 1 each from Turkey, Russia, Ivory Coast and Tajikistan. As part of measures to combat illegal migration, 9 people were detained who tried to illegally cross the state border with forged documents. 856 people were detained for violating the rules of the border regime.

In March, border guards also detained 313 people who were put on the wanted list by law enforcement agencies.

454 persons who were forbidden to leave Azerbaijan were prevented from leaving the country. At the same time, 14 persons were prevented from entering Azerbaijan.

The border guards also seized 178 kg 597 grams of drugs and 8,178 potent pills containing narcotic substances from illegal trafficking.

Smuggling totaling 1 million 122 thousand 461 manats was also prevented, including rifles, cartridges, US and Russian currency, tasers, fish, medicines, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

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