Businessman is going to hold a picket in front of the Presidential Administration

 On May 29 a businessman Fagan Nasibov again held a press conference at which he spoke about his deception on the part of the chief executive  of Zardob region. 

According  to Nasibov, he  held press conferences more than once, and  appealed to formal structures, but  he could not get back  his 65,000 taken by Babayev.

In response to this injustice Nasibov intends to  hold a  rally on June 3 in front of the presidential administration, which will be attended by over than 400 people.

Baku Mayor Office  did not authorize  holding the rally, but Nasibov intends to hold it. According Nasibov, Babayev took from him 65,000 manat in 2007 when he was the head of the executive power  of Mingechevir to repair the Museum of Heydar Aliyev and beautification of the park named after H.Aliyev.  In exchange,  Babayev promised to give  Nasibov the  assign  him  ​​trading scrap metal, and metal supply for trolley lines.

However, Nasibov  received  nothing,  and did not receive his money back. 

Complaints to the various authorities were futile. -05C04- 


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