Court Arrested Bayramli for Three Months on Charges of Smuggling

Baku / 27.05.17 / Turan: At 12:00 at night the Sabail court of Baku, at the presentation of the Azerbaijani Border Guard Service on the arrest of the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Gezal Bayramli, considered charges of smuggling 12 thousand US dollars.

The court satisfied the submission by choosing a preventive measure in the form of arrest for 3 months for the period of the investigation.

Commenting on this decision, PFPA leader Ali Kerimli said that holding a trial at midnight speaks for itself of the abnormality of the situation and the ordered and political nature of the trial.

He called the arrest of Bayramli "an inhuman and dishonorable step of the authorities."

"The authorities are mistaken if they think that in response we will be frightened, silent and will not protest against the illegal actions of the government," he wrote on his Facebook page.

"Our choice will be further consolidation of the democratic forces, strengthening of the social base and solidarity of the opposition forces," he said. -02D-

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