Demolition of Housing Prepared in Bayil Landslide Area?

Baku / 03.02.18 / Turan: Authorities began to disconnect all communications, in the Bayil landslide area. In particular, water, gas and electricity were cut off. According to the remaining people in about 80 private houses, cracks on the ground and on a number of houses are growing.

In turn, the city authorities explain the cessation of water supply with measures to contain the landslide, since groundwater is one of the causes of the movement of the earth.

Apparently, the authorities intend to evict all residents from this zone and demolish the remaining houses there. However, the authorities have not yet announced their plans for this matter.

Recall that the landslide zone in the Bayil settlement comes into motion every 10-12 years, creating serious problems for civil and public buildings and infrastructure. -02D-

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