Economic Activities of NGOs Discussed

"Economic activities of NGOs and tax payments" was the theme of the round table organized on Tuesday by the Center for Economic Research and the German Marshall Fund, with the support of the Soros Foundation. Participants discussed the tax benefits of NGOs in the implementation of economic activity: receipt of charitable donations from businesses, as well as grants.

Chapter CER Gubad Ibadoglu indicated the possibility of borrowing from European countries and Turkey, where applicable incentive mechanisms for financial support for NGOs.

The representative of the Marshall Fund Mehriban Rahimli also indicated possible relevance of Turkey's donations to NGOs

Auditor Altai Jafarov gave a presentation on the theme: "Economic activity and tax payments."

During the discussions, it was noted that despite the existence of certain benefits in Azerbaijan for NGOs in general legislation does not provide a privileged environment for the work of NGOs and their participation in the solution of social problems.

On some points, the terms have become even worse. In particular, NGOs began to face demands of regular reports on their financial performance, and penalties for violations of the law increased.

At the meeting there were specific recommendations on how to address the problems. -06B-


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