Hilal Mamedov called the conscience of judges

Condemned to 5 years in prison, the chief editor of Tolyshi Sado (Voice of the Talysh) Hilal Mamedov on the eve of consideration of his appeal in the Supreme Court, addressed to the chairman of the court Inglab Nasirov.

Mamedov says he does not expect objectivity from the judges. However, he believes it is important to tell them that the criminal case against him was fabricated and does not fit into any logical, legal or moral framework.

To blame the teacher, believer and human rights activist in drug trade, planting drugs in his pocket does not fit into any universal moral norms.

According to Mamedov, charges with inciting ethic and religious hatred and treason do not fit in any legal or moral norms, or common sense either. They are based on the testimony of a person who has been an agent of KGB and MNS for 40 years.

Mamedov guesses it is not accidental that the Supreme Court consideration of the appeal on the merits and complaints on the Prosecutor General and Ministry of Internal Affairs is scheduled for the same time - 11.00.

"How do we split to participate simultaneously in both processes? Maybe our participation is not necessary, because after the "5 minutes" of the meeting a sample solution will be made, which will then go by mail for almost two months," asks Mamedov.

In conclusion Mamedov recommends judges to listen to their conscience and be free not only physically, but also in spirit, and to begin to satisfy the appeal and terminate criminal proceedings against Mamedov.

* Hilal Mamedov was arrested on June 21, 2012 Baku Court of Grave Crimes September 27, 2013 sentenced him to five years in prison, finding him guilty of treason, inciting ethnic hatred and drug trafficking. Mamedov denied the allegations and believes that he is being persecuted for political reasons. Amnesty International found him a "prisoner of conscience." -06D -

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