Ikram Rahimov on the motives for his criminal prosecution

Baku/07.09.19 / Turan: The editor of the realliq.info website, serving his prison sentence, Ikram Rahimov sent a lengthy letter on six pages to the media from the Baku jail-1.He reiterates the criminal prosecution of the falsified charge, describing in detail the motives for his prosecution. He wrote that he was punished for criticizing the assistant to the president of the country, Ali Hasanov, and the press council controlled by him.

Rahimov writes that two years ago a member of the Press Council, the editor of the newspaper Iki Sahil, threatened him, demanding that the critical publications of the head of the SOCAR drilling complex trust Iskender Shirali and his brother, the head of the Neftechala energy network, Vurgun Shiraliev, be violated from the site members of the martyr family.

Rahimov recalls that several of his sites were blocked after the articles about the abuses of Ali Hasanov when using state financial assistance from the media.

After these publications, Hasanov"s deputy in the presidential administration, Vugar Aliyev, threatened Rahimov, demanding that he stop criticizing Hasanov. Rahimov recalls that he was detained on October 26, 2018, several hours after the next critical publication about Hasanov.

Concerning the role of the Press Council, Rahimov recalls the appeal of the head of the Union of Journalists (!) Mushfig Aleskerli to law enforcement agencies with a demand to punish Rahimov.

* The editor of the site realliq.info Ikram Rahimov was detained on October 26, 2018, charged with extortion by threats and arrested.

On June 12, the court sentenced him to 5.5 years in prison. On August 7, a preliminary hearing was held in the Baku Court of Appeal in the case of Rahimov. The defense requested a second judicial investigation, new interrogations of witnesses and victims due to falsification of their testimonies in the trial court.

The lawyer also asked to appoint a re-examination of the audio recording of Rahimov's telephone conversations for the same reason. However, the applications were not granted. Rahimov began a hunger strike in protest, which he held until September 5th. -06D-

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