On October 25, 2023 in the article Allegations of Repression and Censorship of Dissent Emerge in Mingachevir, Turan reported that civil society activists in Mingachevir express concern about police pressure in response to criticism about the state of the communal sphere. Activists accuse local authorities of suppressing freedom of expression. Residents of the city claim that social media activists in Mingachevir face the consequences of their criticism in the form of large fines that cannot be paid.

The discontent of citizens is caused by numerous facts of leakage of sewer and water pipes into the basements of residential buildings, which leads to unsanitary conditions, the spread of mosquitoes and stench. People cannot rest in courtyards because of the disgusting conditions. "Once a month, utilities come and clean the basements, but soon sewage water fills the space again, causing dampness in the house," a resident of the city told a journalist.

On the evening of October 25, a resident of Mingachevir, whose name we cannot name, as he fears persecution, called Turan and warned that after calling the police and having a difficult conversation there, one of the activists was forced to make a statement dictated by the police.

Another resident of the same city, who reported to Turan about the flooding of the basements of an apartment building and the poor performance of public services, warned the activist that she would complain about him to the police because he handed her phone to a Turan journalist. She asked not to call her anymore, as she was afraid of losing her job due to communication with the press.

October 26 on the website 24xeber.az and in the FB group “Mingəçevir Ictimai Nəzarət Qrupu” (Mingachevir Public Control Group) a resident of Mingachevir, Murad Musayev Rza oglu, published a statement in which he said that he had given an interview to the Turan agency, but the agency published words taken out of context about the dissatisfaction of residents with the work of public services. M. Musayev declares that he fully supports the policy of President I. Aliyev and thanks for the impeccable service of the police chief of Mingachevir, Adalet Aliyev, appointed to this post Minister of Internal Affairs Vilayat Eyvazov. The author of the text asks the Almighty to give a lot of strength to Colonel A.Aliyev.

But this does not prevent the Turan agency from reminding the central and local authorities of Mingachevir about a large number of publications in the press and social networks with photos showing the basements of residential buildings flooded with sewage. In the videos, residents express outrage at the difficult living conditions in such houses, reminding of the danger of infection from mosquito bites and other consequences of dampness in buildings.

Residents talk about numerous written complaints to state authorities and the helplessness of housing and communal services, unable to conduct major repairs of sewer and water supply networks, non-residential basements in these buildings. Citizens call addresses in the city of Mingachevir, where conditions are particularly appalling:

Khurshudbani Natavan Street,

Shafa Baglar array,

GRES residential area,

Khatai Street, etc.

The same messages with illustrations are available here:


Under one of the messages on the social network, a resident of Mingachevir, Afgan Sadikhov, explained: the chief executive is busy with harassment and arrests of critical bloggers.

However, the Executive Power of Mingachevir explained to residents that the shortcomings indicated by citizens were caused by the dilapidation of the sewage system built in the sixties, which could not cope with the needs of a modern 130-thousand city. The message from the Executive Authority of Mingachevir says about the ongoing work on updating the sewer network. At first, the main main drainage routes are being built, then the yard systems will be replaced.  The works are conducted by the Water Resources Agency.

We conclude the publication with this statement of a resident of the city, and we wish the police and the authorities of the city of Mingachevir to perform direct duties, and not to close the mouths of dissatisfied people with illegal actions.--0--

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