Interior Ministry Announces Arrest of 21 Rally Participants in Mingachevir

During Saturday's protest in Mingachevir 21 people were detained. This is stated in the report released by the Ministry of Interior. The press release notes that on 20 August the Mingachevir resident Bahruz Hajiyev suspect in the trade and use of drugs suddenly jumped out of the window during questioning in the City Police Department.

The survey of Hajiyev's body by forensic experts with the participation of relatives of the deceased did not find signs of violence, according to the statement.

Currently, the Prosecutor's Office on the basis of the relevant article of the Criminal Code has initiated a criminal case, and depending on the results of the investigation a legal assessment of the events will be given.

At the same time, following the funeral of the deceased on August 22, "a group of residents in flagrant violation of public order and disobeying the lawful demands of police committed hooliganism and attempted to hold a march in the center of the city."

Four police officers suppressing the illegal activities received injuries of varying severity and one car of the city police was damaged.

Twenty-one people were arrested for violating the public order and measures stipulated by the legislation are taken. The collected materials have been sent to the court.

The Interior Ministry regrets the accident and expresses its condolences to the Hajiyev family. At the same time, the Interior Ministry warns that attempts to disrupt the public order at the instigation of destructive elements will be resolutely suppressed and legal actions will be taken against the perpetrators.

Meanwhile local sources have reported continued tensions in Mingachevir.

Despite the fact that the police control the streets of the city, additional forces are being brought there.

Recall that local residents blocked one of the main streets of Mingachevir on August 22, demanding punishment of those responsible for Hajiyev's death. However, the Interior Ministry's rapid reaction forces dispersed the rally. -06D--


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