Iran"s Secret Service Arrest Azerbaijani Writer

Research Fellow of the Institute of Literature, named after Nizami of the National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Khalida Khalid, was arrested in Tabriz, according to the Deputy Director of the Institute of Literature, Maharram Gasymly.

According to Gasymly, Khalid went to Iran on April 26 without notifying the management of the Institute.  Gasymly also said that she is a junior researcher at the department of foreign literary connections, and does not have an advanced degree. She is a native of Lankaran, and previously worked at the Lankaran State University.

The Iranian website, stated that Khalid was arrested on April 30 by the Iranian secret service ETTELAAT along with four activists of the movement for the freedom of South Azerbaijan.

Khalid went to Iran to participate in the Mothers Day celebrattion in Iran, and the birthday party of the activist Muhammad (Ohtaya) Rashidi.

Gasymly doubts that Khalid committed in any illegal actions. "We have to clear up the situation. She was an ordinary fellow, " said Gasymly.

The Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan said they had no information on the matter. The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan said that the Consulate General was instructed to clarify the fate of the Azerbaijan citizen. 

Citizens of Azerbaijan have been arrested in Iran in the past.  The young poets Farid Hussein and Shahriyar Hajizadeh spent 4 months in an Iranian and physicist Rashid Aliyev was kept in prison for 20 months. -16D- 


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