Journalists require replies from the Defense Ministry and the Military Prosecutor

A group of journalists and human rights defenders has made a formal request to the Minister of Defense, Safar Abiyev, and Military Prosecutor, Khanlar Veliyev in connection with the soldiers' deaths.

The request outlines that since the beginning of 2013 the loss of the Azerbaijani army in non-combat conditions has totaled 12 servicemen.

In this case, they stress that after the death of a soldier, Jeyhun Gubadov, on January 12, Baku hosted thousands of protesters demanding an end to non-combat losses in the army.

The public was excited after a social networking photo and video showed a soldier with signs of violence on the body, which contradicts the official version of the death of a soldier from heart failure.

In this regard, the media and civil society asked the defense minister and the military prosecutor to answer the following questions:

- Have the circumstances and causes of the death of the soldier been established?

- Who is held accountable and what are their positions?

- At what point is the investigation into the death of the soldier Gubadov?

- What measures are planned, or have been taken, to prevent non-combat deaths?

 - Who from the Defense Ministry has been punished for the death of the soldier?

The authors of the request indicate that, according to Article 24.1 of the Law "On receipt of information" request for information must be given an answer as soon as possible but no later than 7 working days.

The appeal was signed by the right defender Rasul Jafarov and the journalists Mehman Aliyev, Natig Javadli, Samir Kazimli, Nijat Melikov, and Seymour Kazimov. -06D-


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