Lawsuit  in the case  of suicide attempt by feminist (UPDATED)

Baku / 10.03.20 / Turan: A lawsuit was filed under the Article 125 (suicide) on  the fact of a suicide attempt by feminist  Alekberzade, reads a joint message from the press services of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The investigation found that the girl jumped from the second floor of a rented apartment on March 10 at 05:42.

Previously she and her friend used alcoholic beverages.

She   has a head injury and a broken leg. She was taken to the resuscitation department of the CMC; her condition is assessed as moderate. 

Her acquaintance Yusif Isaev testified that after drinking beer from Alekberzade he went to the store to buy alcohol. Returning, he saw that the girl wanted to jump out and he could not hold her.

Prior to this, at 04:13, the girl wrote on her Facebook page that her friend, her husband and other acquaintances had brought her to suicide.

Alekberzade took an active part in an unauthorized rally organized by a group of feminists in Baku on March 8. Users of social networks began to condemn her for the calls and posters that she showed during the rally, the press release said.

Investigative and operational measures are ongoing to establish the circle of perpetrators, to give a legal assessment of the actions that prompted Alekberzade to commit suicide. –06В-

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2020 March 10 (Tuesday) 14:20:02

Feminist march participant attempts suicide

Baku / 10.03.20 / Turan: Aisel Alekperzade, a participant in the Sunday march of feminists in central Baku, attempted suicide early in the morning on March 10. Subjected to sharp criticism and pressure from others because of the raised slogan with a call for sexual freedom, she rushed from the second floor.

“She has a fracture of her left hip, was placed in the Clinical Center, is in serious condition and is being prepared for surgery,” Turan was told in the press service of the Compulsory Health Insurance Agency.

Previously she wrote on her Facebook page that she blames others for her persecution.

Another participant in the march - Zahra Kalantarova reported pressure on her from her uncle. According to her, a relative threatened to kill her for inappropriate behavior. -03B-


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