Həsənov Eldar. Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Həsənov Eldar. Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/21.05.21/Turan: In accordance with Article 39 of the court rules of the European Court of Human Rights, on May 7, the decision of the former ambassador Eldar Hasanov on the placement of the State Security Service in the hospital, necessary examination, medical intervention, surgery is not executed for unknown reason.

Lawyer Javad Javadov reported this on his facebook page.

According to the lawyer, Eldar Hasanov's health remains serious.

"Even Chingiz Asgarov, who represented the government in the European Court, asked the European Court to cancel the measure, but the court rejected the government's request.”

Today, after meeting with Hasanov on May 21, the lawyer said that last night Eldar Hasanov's health deteriorated and his condition was stabilized with the re-admission of heavy painkillers.

“We set aside the decision of the European Court, What About Our Constitution, our own laws, humanity, humanism? They do not have either? The prosecutor's office did not re-issue petitions on medical examination. I am sure that Mr. President has no information on this attitude towards Eldar Hasanov and I hope that this article was delivered to him through the press,” Cavadov said.

A few weeks before the press service of the Prosecutor General's office told Turan that a full and comprehensive investigation is under way in accordance with the students of the Criminal Procedure Law on the criminal case.

The press service also said that on the basis of the request of the defense Party, a forensic-medical expert on the health of Eldar Hasanov was appointed, and according to the opinion, investigative actions are currently underway in the criminal case.

Eldar Hasanov was detained by the State Security Service (SSC) on August 13, 2020. On August 14, Baku's Sabail District Court chaired by Judge Azer Tagiyev chose a pre-trial detention on Eldar Hasanov.

Criminal case under articles 308.2 (abuse of official powers) and 308.1.1 (misuse of budget funds) The Criminal Code against Hasanov was separated from the criminal case being investigated in the investigation department of the Civil Registry Office against employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the investigation is currently ongoing.

After the special operation of the State Security Service (SSC) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on July 3, 2020, five officials of this ministry were detained. Later, all of them were released into house arrest. Only Eldar Hasanov's motion to leave the house was not fulfilled.

Hasanov was Azerbaijan's ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2013 to 2020. He was an ambassador in Romania in 2001-2013. Hasanov was also the prosecutor general of Azerbaijan in 1995-2000.-03-


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