Leaders of loyal media decided to "improve"

The Press Council on Friday organized a debate on the topic of information security. The reason for this was the criticism by the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev the disclosure of military secrets during the escalation in the conflict zone in early August.

On August 29 Mehdiyev criticized such actions of local media reports, noting their lack of professionalism and the disclosure of state secrets. In the  light of the comments of  Mehdiyev were  organized today's hearing.

Chairman of the Press Council, Aflatun Amashov, named sites that violated military secrets: avropa.info, vətən.info, aznews.az, azadinform.az, gündəmxəbər.az, meqatv.az, defens.az, olkəm.az.

Information on the movement of military units, movements of military equipment, inaccurate information on casualties, were published on these sites, were regarded as a manifestation of incompetence and lack of professionalism.

Editor of the newspaper "Azerbaijan", MP Bakhtiyar Sadigov accused the authors of such messages of the "betrayal of national and state interests." Head of Fund of State Media, Vugar Safarli, said that some sites intentionally distribute unverified reports that a "betrayal." Other participants in the debate have expressed the view that the responsibility for the dissemination of unverified and inaccurate information falls on state agencies that do not provide information in a timely manner.

Provocative actions of the Armenians in social networks operating under the Azerbaijani names were also noted.

During the discussion were made proposals to prevent the spread of military secret in the mass media. In particular, it is proposed to accredit journalists in the Ministry of Defense writing on military topics, to conduct training for them, post war materials in agreement with the agency. It was also proposed to tighten the amendments to the law on the information and carry out state registration sites.

Even  an exotic idea to create an "alternative national social network" was expressed , since  the existing social nets  are "not reliable."

In addition, it was proposed to establish Information Centre under the Press Council, and  in the "extreme risk" to take information from this source.

The idea was  expressed by the editor  of “Musavat.” - 05C-


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