Leyla Yunus establishes the Center to Resist Repression

Director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) Yunus announced the creation of a center of resistance to repression. At today's press conference, she explained her initiative to create "Ineptness the existing human rights system."  Yunus said that despite the activities of human rights defenders, the number of political prisoners from year to year increases, and has reached now 130. She considers erroneous and meaningless tactics of some human rights activists, who refused to criticize Ilham Aliyev and urge the government to engage in dialogue. This tactic creates hope for the release of political prisoners during the next pardon. Yunus proclaimed  a new advocacy strategy, which provides "not bow" to the government.

"Do not turn to the government with conciliatory appeals, legal right should be demanded," she quoted a Soviet dissident Grigorenko. She called on former political prisoners and family members of political prisoners to participate in the Center. To develop specific tactics Yunus appointed for 14:00 on June 11 discussion on this topic in the IPD. The date was not chosen randomly - on this day in the Helsinki Commission of the U.S. Congress will be hearings on the human rights situation in Azerbaijan.

Speaking about the reasons for creation of a Center of resistance to repression Yunus explained this by lack of an independent judiciary and the practice of fabrication of criminal cases on political grounds.

"Law enforcement  subordinate not to the laws and orders, but to political will. In this case, there is no other way to   resistance to other ways of combating lawlessness remains," said Yunus.

Referring to her involvement in a criminal case  due to the arrest of journalist Rauf Mirkadirov,  the Director of IMD said that their illegally confiscated passport have not been yet returned. Yunusov still cannot get money  from a bank account, and the couple is constantly subjected to surveillance.

Former  prisoner of conscience, Elshan Hasanov, one of the activists of the Public Alliance “Azerbaijan without political prisoners” noted about his joining  the Center of resistance of repression.-06B-

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