Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

A glance at the domestic economic policy, work, or 190 manats, and budget expenditures without financial support are topics of today's media.

The website Bizimyol.info.az discusses the country's economic policy.

Experts believe that the population may relive the economic shock of the 90s. The continuation of the economic policy pursued can lead to a complete tragedy, because a real drop in the income of state employees is inevitable.

The challenges ahead could create social tensions. To replenish financial resources and maintain stability, it is necessary to focus on real reforms - on optimizing the pension system, creating jobs for those dismissed from budgetary organizations, etc.

The website Sfera.az discusses the issue of paying benefits in the amount of 190 manats.

At a meeting of the parliamentary committee on August 4, the deputies noted that there are many complaints about this benefit.

It was noted at the meeting that initially the granting of benefits was supposed to be 200 thousand people. However, after the instructions of the president, the number increased to 600 thousand.

 It was suggested that many citizens prefer not to work, but to receive an allowance of 190 manats. For example, many people refuse jobs offered by Employment Centers. In such cases, Employment Centers refuse to register citizens as unemployed.

The website Oxu.az discusses the amendments to the state budget. According to the Minister of Finance, as a result of a decrease in income and an increase in expenses, unsecured expenses were formed in the amount of 2 billion 299 million manats.

Budget revenues for 2020 can be approved in the amount of 24 billion 134 million 500 thousand manats, and expenses – in the amount of 27 billion 492 million manats. -0-


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