Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The situation with the use of the country's water resources, water management problems, overcrowding in public transport, and fraudulent businessmen in the purchase and sale of land are topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the country's water resources and their use. This topic was discussed at a meeting with the participation of the head of state. The drought that has reigned over the past two years has created great difficulties and damage. The danger is that the situation may worsen in subsequent years if the necessary steps are not taken. In this case, by 2030, the process of desertification may begin in some territories.

Several structures are involved in water problems in the country, but the issue of coordination between them is weak. In the main reservoirs of the country the volume of water is 20.5 billion cubic meters, but in reality there are only 11.3 billion cubic meters. Of these, 8.6 billion cubic meters is dead volume.

The website Yenisabah.az quotes the opinion of the deputy Vahid Ahmedov about the need to solve the problem of irrigation water. Certain work has been done with water resources, but the situation on the Kura and Araz rivers is also difficult.

In the occupied territories, the waters of the Araz are illegally used, which damages the water economy of Azerbaijan.

The website Redaktor.az writes about the dissatisfaction of citizens with the activities of the Baku Transport Agency. Passengers complain about the tightness of the buses, which contributes to the spread of the virus. And this is despite the fact that there are 7 additional route lines, there are about 2,000 buses. In comparison with April-May, the number of passengers increased by 15-20%.

The website Sfera.az discusses the topic of people "convicted" to live in the territory of oil fields near Baku and Absheron. Many of them were deceived by businessmen, because living in such territories negatively affects people's health.

In addition, they face litigation that lasts for years. One such example is the situation with an Iranian citizen. He was sold a seized plot of land on the territory of the oil and gas production department No. 3, which is on the Mashtaga-Buzovna highway.

It turned out that the documents issued to him for the site were drawn up incorrectly. A foreign citizen can only lease land, but not buy it.


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