Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The fight against COVID-19, the likelihood of another drop in oil prices, the prospects for the manat exchange rate, and problems with water in Bilasuvar are the topics of today's media.

The Azerbaijan newspaper writes about the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The main focus is on infection control, safety and health of people. An important role is played by the opening of modular hospitals, the number of which has already reached 10 in the country, designed for 2000 beds.

 Since July 29, two such hospitals have been operating in Gobustan and Ismayilli. In addition, the state provides material assistance to the population, about 5 million people have received it.

The website Redaktor.az discusses the possibility of a fall in oil prices. Currently, oil prices are influenced by two factors - the fall in the dollar exchange rate and the expected second wave of the pandemic. Experts note that the oil price will not rise above $ 50. During the last week, the price of oil has fluctuated between $ 41-44.

The website Bizimyolinfo.az discusses the prospect of the dollar with an expert. To date, the exchange rate of the dollar to manat is 1.7000, and the euro is 1.9939. The cost of a barrel of oil is $ 43.59. In the last month, the cost of Azerbaijani oil fluctuated between $ 40-45. As for the devaluation of the manat, it is not expected in the coming days.

The Sfera.az website discusses the water situation in Bilasuvar. This issue has been discussed more than once in the country's parliament. Local authorities are unable to resolve this issue. For this reason, Bilasuvar needs help. Nowhere else is there such a shortage of water as in Bilasuvar, because there are no natural sources of water, unlike other regions.


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