Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The situation with Coronavirus, concern for transparency in the salary system, problems from banning weddings, and closing the Eurohome construction market are the topics of today's media.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the situation with Coronavirus, which is under full control thanks to the measures taken by the government. Azerbaijan has achieved a reduction in infections, low mortality and a high percentage of recovery. WHO highly appreciates measures taken in Azerbaijan.

 Mitigation of the quarantine regime should not cause a decrease in the social responsibility of citizens, but vice versa.

The Bizimyol.info.az website is discussing with experts the issue of tax exemption for those whose salaries are less than 600 manat. The author gives an example of a complaint of a certain employee receiving a salary of 700 manat. 280 manat is put on the card, and the rest is given in cash. However, during a pandemic, he receives only the sum on the card. The employee expresses concern that the amount transferred to the card will subsequently become the main for his pension.

90% of the country's population is concerned about this issue. Experts believe that there is also the fault of the state, which could not create a healthy economy.

The website Modern.az discusses the ban on weddings, which creates certain problems. The owners of the celebration houses and the owners of the weddings never entered into agreements between themselves, and the singers and musicians did not pay taxes. It is expected that the new rules will now apply.

The website Oxu.az writes that the market for building materials Eurohome will be closed. As you know, on May 11 there was another fire there and the market still does not work. On May 20, about 50 shopkeepers in the market gathered in the market, protesting the current situation. The owner of the entire market, Azer Mohlatov, told the audience that there was an investigation and therefore the market would not work. How long this will last is unknown. There was also a fire several times in the Sadarak shopping center, however, the market worked. Some store owners were instructed to take out their goods, and this was perceived as an intention to close the market as a whole.


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