Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the likelihood of the liquidation of the executive branch, and the causes of the crisis in the labor market are the current media’s crown.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the last day in the world, a record number of Coronavirus infected was recorded - 106 thousand people. To date, the pandemic has caused worldwide damage in the amount of 9 trillion. dollars. Moreover, in the coming year, a vaccine for this disease will not be found. The author at the same time notes that Azerbaijan has taken all preventive measures that will insure the country from possible ills. However, people should learn how to deal with this virus because there is no vaccine against it.

The website Yeni Sabah.az discusses with experts the issue of the possible liquidation of the executive branch as a governing body. Such an issue was on the agenda after the operations of the State Security Service in several regions of the country. Experts believe that there are too many districts in the country. There are 11 economic regions. By appointing a governor for each economic region, you can create a flexible and transparent management system.

The website Redaktor.az writes about a deep crisis in the property market, which was severely affected by the pandemic and stagnation in this area for several months. During the quarantine regime, no one thought about buying and selling. With minimal activity, the market cannot form prices. Few people buy housing, not to mention selling it. As for prices, they are almost the same as before the pandemic, except that there is a miserable decline. Experts note that until the market unfreezes, one should not wait for any changes.--- 0 ------


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