Military prosecutor"s office to investigate death of soldier Gumbatov

Military Prosecutor's Office responded to the request of six journalists and civil society activists about the investigation of the death of the soldier Jeykhun Humbatov on January 7, provoking a massive public outcry.

After photos and videos of the soldier's body with signs of violence appeared  on social networks  the public was outraged by the official version of the death of the soldier from heart failure. On January 12 in Baku, there was a mass protest against the non-combat losses in the army.

In response, the prosecutor's office noted to the journalists that on January 7 the Ganja military prosecution against officers of the military unit, where Humbatov served, filed a criminal case under article 342.2 (dereliction of duty).

January 11 the case was referred to the Investigation Department of Grave Crimes of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Republic. The investigation team was to investigate the causes and conditions of the soldier's death, establish the circle of perpetrators, and other circumstances that will bring them to justice and take appropriate preventive measures.

Recalling Article 34 of the Law for Information, the prosecution cannot reveal the secret of investigation and considers it inappropriate to give information on the causes and circumstances of Humbatov's death and the prosecuted persons.

Further prosecution represents that all the causes and circumstances of the soldiers' deaths are summarized, analyzed and discussed together with the Defense Ministry and other security agencies, to take the necessary preventive measures in the armed forces.

The response was signed by the head of the department of criminology - deputy chief of the investigation department for Serious Crimes, military prosecutor Emil Tagiyev.

The request for information was sent to human rights activists Rasul Jafarov and Samir Kazimli, journalists Mehman Aliyev, Natig Javadli, Nijat Samedoglu, and Seymour Kazimov.

A similar request was also sent to the Ministry of Defense, but the ministry has not responded. -06D-


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