Ministry of Health: In Azerbaijan, there is no threat of Ebola

On the territory of Azerbaijan there are no registered carriers of Ebola, which is spreading rapidly around the world.

"We do not get any animal products from countries where the virus is prevalent. We do not have economic relations with these countries either," the spokesman of the State Sanitary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Yolchu Khanvely told Turan.

As for animal products coming into the country, the epizootic situation is under control.

"We are closely monitoring reports of World Health Organization (WHO) and the delivery of products from countries, where the situation is unfavorable, is immediately stopped," he said.

In turn, the Chief of the Sanitation and Epidemiology Sector, Viktor Gasimov said in an interview with Turan that the epidemiological situation in the country is stable.

"WHO has included Azerbaijan in the list of countries with the lowest risk of the spread of the Ebola virus. In turn, the Ministry of Health is taking the appropriate preventive measures. We have enough essential medicines," he said.

Note that earlier the Caucasian Muslims Office called pilgrims who go to Hajj to be careful not to get infected by this deadly virus.

The first step that is taken by many countries is tough medical control at airports, where citizens come from all over the world. Judging by everything, the international airport of Baku has not yet applied such control.

Recall that at present, the main centers for the dissemination of Ebola are four African countries: Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Many countries have stopped any contact with them and closed the borders.

Today there have been more than 1,000 fever victims in many countries. According to WHO experts, there are still no guaranteed products allowing the community to defeat this deadly virus. -03D-

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