Ministry of Health on preventive measures against swine flu

Azerbaijani Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev has issued an order to strengthen preventive measures in connection with the spread of swine flu in neighboring Iran. According to the

press service of the Ministry of Health, all medical institutions should develop plans for the hospitalization of patients with suspected swine flu, and if necessary put into hospitals restrictive regime, provide staff with personal protection equipment, and to organize work on disinfection.

On admission of patients with acute respiratory disease, it must be immediately informed of the local sanitary and epidemiological centers, analyzes samples taken from patients should be delivered to the Republican Anti-Plague Station.

Hygiene and Epidemiology Center should strengthen the supervision of sanitary norms and disinfection regime in crowded places. It is necessary to strengthen education on the prevention of infectious diseases and public hygiene compliance. It is necessary to prepare separate boxes for the reception of patients with severe forms of influenza, to provide them with the necessary medicines, medical supplies and equipment.

However, the Health Ministry reported that the country's epidemiological situation is completely stable and under serious control. In turn, the press center of the State Veterinary Service (SVS) told Turan that the epizootic situation in the country is under control. "Livestock farming country was placed under surveillance. Regular monitoring are conducted, and  blood samples are taken from animals," said the SVS.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, in Iran from swine flu according to various sources have already died from 5 to 40 people. -03B06--

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