Monitoring Centre presents its own list of political prisoners

The Monitoring Center for Political Prisoners submitted the list of supposed political prisoners to the Commission on Pardons.

As the head of the Center Elshan Hasanov said, in addition to the 93 persons from the single list composed by the civil society activists at the end of 2015, a few others were added.

The list also includes Leyla and her husband Arif Yunus, who, in spite of their release from prison, have received conditional sentences and are considered as condemned.

In addition, the list included the leader of the movement Muslim Unity Thale Bagirzade and 9 other people arrested with him on the Nardaran events: Bala Gumbatov, Sardar Bunyadov, Ali Nuriyev, Alibala Veliyev, Jabbar Jabbarov, Ali Huseynov, Mehman Guliyev, Ibrahim Khudaverdiev and Rasim Bunyadov. All of them are charged with a number of serious crimes, including attempted forcible change of the constitutional system.

Their inclusion in the list of political prisoners is associated with the non-transparent investigation, torture and the violation of their other rights.

The list also includes Akhund (priest) of the mosque Husseiniyah (at the Nardaran Sanctuary) Nuhbala Rahimov charged with illegal possession of weapons and the former Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Party Inglab Asadli arrested in Salyan for alleged high treason.

* The Monitoring Center was established by a group of former political prisoners in October 2014, led by a former "prisoner of conscience" Elshan Hasanov. -06D--

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