Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/27.07.22/Turan: Adviser to the chairman of the Musavat Party, Alikram Khurshidov, was arrested administratively for 30 days. This was reported to Turan in the Musavat Party.

On July 25, he was called by phone to the police of the city of Shirvan, where he lives. At that time, Khurshidov was in Baku and offered to send him an official summons.

The next day, he was detained in Baku and taken to the Sabail district court which arrested him for 30 days on charges of "disobeying the police."

Musavat believes that the true reason for his arrest is the disclosure of the rude and unethical actions of the police after his detention on July 20 at a protest demanding the opening of the country's land borders.

"There is no doubt that this arrest was ordered because of Alikram Khurshidov's criticism of the government on social networks and the media, as well as for his active political activities," Musavat said in a statement.

The Party notes that the trial of Khurshidov was held "secretly", without notifying relatives and without a lawyer.

In turn, the press service of the Interior Ministry denied that Khurshidov was arrested due to the protest action in Baku.

"Alikram Khurshidov was detained in Baku due to violation of public order. He ignored the calls of the police to keep order. A protocol was drawn up against him under Article 535.1 (non-compliance with legal requirements of the police) and according to the court decision he was arrested for 30 days," the head of the press service of the Interior Ministry Zeini Huseynov told Turan. In so doing, he excluded any political motives in the arrest of Khurshidov. -06B-

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