Muslims will mark Gurban Bayram on October 4-5

On 4-5 October Muslims around the world will mark  one of the major holidays - Gurban Bayram (sacrifice.)  In Arabic this holiday is called Eid al-Adha, and coincides with the hajj to Mecca. According to the Koran, the angel Gabriel appeared to the prophet Ibrahim in a dream, and  conveyed him an order from Allah to sacrifice his son. However, this proved to be  a test from Allah, and when the victim was almost brought , Allah made ​​it so that the knife could not cut it, and the victim( the Prophet’s son)  was replaced by a sheep, and the prophet Ibrahim was given the safe birth of their second son.

 The  Sacrifice Holiday  is the culmination of the Hajj to Mecca. On the eve of the holiday  pilgrims ascend to  the Mount Arafat, and on the day of Sacrifice commit symbolic throwing stones and tawaf (seven times make circle around the Kaaba,)  believers committed festive prayer, after a sermon (khutbah) is read. Then  believers must sacrifice an animal (usually a sheep), and  give  its meat to the poor (usually to  seven  families.)  -05В-

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