Newspaper "The Mirror" leaves the Press Council

"The Mirror" newspaper  left the Press Council of Azerbaijan.

"The statement of withdrawal from the Press Council was sent a week ago," said the chief editor of  the newspaper, Elchin Shikhlinski, but the Press Council did not respond to the appeal of the editor.

" I took this decision after seeing the indifference  of the Press Council to hardships of the  newspaper.  The Chairman  of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov  never called and inquired with our situation ," said Shikhlinski.

In 2014,  "The Mirror" , the  first independent newspaper of the country in the Russian language, established in 1990 , has ceased to receive advertising , which is equivalent to death. After the transition from daily to weekly format , the newspaper stopped receiving support from the Mass Media Support Fund  under the President of Azerbaijan.

It should also be noted that the leading columnist of the newspaper, Rauf  Mirkadyrov, was arrested in April on trumped-up charges of treason.

The newspaper "The Mirror" was among the leading  founders of the Press Council , established in March 2003 . Shikhlinski to 2012 he was a permanent member of the board of the Press Council. The newspaper has always tried to be independent. According to the monitoring , it was among the few media to adhere to standards of professional conduct of the Journalist Code of Azerbaijan , developed by European standards.—0—

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