NIDA activist Nijat Amiraslanov was released on June 17 two days after his detention.

Amiraslanov's colleagues told Turan news agency that he had been in the police all this time. The activist himself said that he could not yet tell about the reasons for his detention and the details of this case.

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NIDA movement announced the detention of activist Nijat Amiraslanov

On June 15, the NIDA civil movement issued a statement regarding the detention of Nijat Amiraslanov, a member of this organization.

"The officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told us that they have no information about the whereabouts of Nijat Amiraslanov. This increases concern about his fate and health," the statement of the movement reads.

The movement considers Amiraslanov's arrest "unfounded" and considers it "a continuation of the wave of repression against civil society in Azerbaijan in recent months."

"We demand that the official bodies provide information about the health of Nijat Amraslanov, the details of the charges against him, and his and other political prisoners' immediate release," the statement said.

Amiraslanov disappeared in the afternoon of June 15. When he left the house, he told his family that he would be back in 5 minutes, and since then, contact with him has been lost.

 Amiraslanov was persecuted in the beginning.

In 2017, Amiraslanov was put under administrative arrest for 30 days in Gazakh district.

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