Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/03.06.20/Turan: Activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Niyameddin Ahmedov denies the charge of financing terrorism, said his father Arif Ahmedov. Niyameddin Ahmedov, a member of the PFPA, a volunteer bodyguard of the leader of this party, Ali Kerimli, was arrested on April 16 for 30 days under  the Article 211 (violation of the quarantine regime) and 535 (non-compliance with the legal requirements of the police) of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO).

According to the PFPA representatives, during his detention on April 28 he was taken from the Binagadi detention center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to another institution and tortured in order to obtain evidence against party leader Ali Kerimli. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs called these reports "fiction." On May 16, at the end of the administrative arrest term, N. Ahmedov was charged under the Article 214-1 (financing of terrorism) of the Criminal Code. According to a joint statement by the press services of the State Security Service and the General Prosecutor’s Office, an Azerbaijani citizen who received asylum in Germany, Gabil Mammadov, sent money to Ahmedov to prepare terrorist attacks in Azerbaijan. The PFPA called these allegations far-fetched and politically motivated.

Activist’s father Arif Ahmedov also called the accusation of his son an absurdity.  “This charge is not related to my son. For it does not correspond to his life views and beliefs. I can’t believe it,” his father said. According to him, all those who know N. Ahmedov - relatives, fellow villagers, acquaintances are shocked. “People come to our home and claim that they do not believe in the veracity of the charge,” A. Ahmedov said. He believes that the arrest of his son is related to his political activities and membership in the PFPA. “Niyameddin is a member of PFPA, bodyguard of Ali Karimli, and his follower. All Niyameddin’s “fault” is precisely this. He is persecuted for being close to Ali Karimli. There can be no other. For Niyameddin is a patriot of his homeland, he will never do anything bad against the country,” A. Ahmedov said. He noted that N. Ahmedov was tortured. “All that unites Niyameddin with Gabil Mammadov is that they are fellow villagers. We lived in the same village, but were not neighbors, there were no contacts, no communication between them,” A. Ahmedov noted. He also said that N. Ahmedov is not allowed meetings with relatives.

“Niyameddin has been under arrest since April 15, but only on June 2 we were able to give him clothes and food. We are not given either meetings or phone calls. They do not give at least once to see him, to listen to him, to find out how he is. We know that he was tortured many times. According to the information we have, he even had a hemorrhage in the kidney,” A. Ahmedov said. He called on the country's leadership to intervene and ensure the release of his son. “They force my son admit what he did not do. How is this possible? I urge the president to instruct officials to objectively consider the matter and ensure his release,” A. Ahmedov said. -03B06-


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