Baku / 16.10.17 / Turan: "For 25 years, Armenia has ignored decisions and resolutions of authoritative international organizations, continuing to violate international legal norms. There is no mechanism that would force the aggressor to comply with decisions of international structures, and there is a double standard in the approach to the Karabakh conflict". The chairman of the Milli Majlis Oktay Asadov said this in his speech at the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The press service of the parliament spread the information on October 16.

"We believe that everyone should understand and accept how dangerous it is for peace and security to turn a blind eye to the seizure of foreign territories.The world community must find the strength and take decisive measures to resolve all conflicts, including Nagorno-Karabakh within the framework of generally accepted international legal principles".

Oktay Asadov said Azerbaijan is a model of multiculturalism and tolerance. He noted that Azerbaijan presented the world with an example of a democratic society. This sample, regardless of ethnicity and religion, is based on the granting of rights and freedoms to everyone, as well as the protection of the cultural wealth of the peoples living in the country.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is a worldwide organization of the parliaments of independent countries. The headquarters of the structure created in 1889 is in Geneva.

Azerbaijan became a member of this structure in April 1993.

The Milli Majlis is represented in this structure by a delegation of 9 deputies. --0--

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