On-line transparency of government agencies - 31%

On-line transparency of state bodies of Azerbaijan  is  average 31% ; it means that only a third of information subject to placement on the Internet is placed on websites. The highest rate is 56 % transparency, the lowest - 10%, according to the report “On-line transparency of state structures,” submitted  on December 24 by  Media Law Institute. The report was prepared on the basis of monitoring of 67 government agencies, except presidential administration, the judiciary and the local authorities.

At the presentation of the report at the hotel Park Inn , the project manager Khalid Agaliyev reported that monitoring was conducted on 184 types of information, as assessed by 12 parameters.

Figures  on individual parameters were as follows:

- Information  on the structures on their official websites - 71% percent ( in 2012 it was 63 %);

- Information on the structure of departments - 46 % (in 2012 it was 47 %);

- Information on the activities of the organization 71 % (in 2012 it was 63 %);

- Information on the legal framework and legal instruments - 44 % (in 2012 it was 47 %);

- Information on the activities of the organization to ensure the rights and lawful interests of individuals and legal entities - 8% ( in 2012 it was 9%);

- Information on public procurement - 18% ( in 2012 it was 19%) ;

- Information  on staffing - 32 % (in 2012 it was 37 %);

- Information on budget execution , financial reporting - 4 % (in 2012 it was 5 %) ;

- Easy navigation ( access to information ) - 32 % (in 2012 it was 29 %);

- Additional features - registration sites in search engines (Google, Yandex , etc.) - 18% ( in 2012 it was 16 %);

- Negative contents and functions (publishing information not available programs ) - 86 % (in 2012 it was the same.)

According to the monitoring results , the highest transparency in the Ministry of Taxes (56%) , the Public Service Commission (56%) , the State Oil Fund (56% ) and the Attorney General's Office ( 55%).

The lowest rates of transparency at the State Commission on Prisoners of War , Hostages and Missing Persons (10%) , Baku Metro ( 12%), Ministry of Defence ( 12%), MNB ( 14%).

The event pointed to unavailability of the information posted on  state websites. In addition, electronic services to individuals  are provided at less than half listed on the site.

Director of Turan agency, Mehman Aliyev, stressed that information on the official websites of state agencies is not complete and is not comprehensive.

"For example, the Tariff Council acts separately from other official bodies. Suddenly, it is reported that on the basis of requests of state agencies prices have been increased. However,  it is not reported what was the nature of these proposals. Now the state budget envisages increase in utility prices, but does not specify when the prices will be raised and how much," said Aliyev.—03C-- 


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