Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/06.09.21/Turan: Despite the issuance of "certificates of contraindications" (vaccination against coronavirus) began on August 9, many complain that they cannot do it.

At the same time, since September 1, those who do not have COVID-19 passports, a certificate of immunity and a certificate of contraindication are not allowed into large shopping centers and catering facilities.

To the questions of Turan: how is the issuance of "certificates of contraindications" going, what caused the delays, how many people received them, the Ministry of Health said that in order to obtain a certificate, citizens must go to the clinic and submit an epicrisis of the disease and other documents. The polyclinic transmits this data to a special commission under the Ministry of Health, on the basis of which the citizen is issued a “certificate of contraindication”. These documents are of two types - temporary and permanent. Documents are issued to pregnant women, nursing mothers temporarily.

Persons with a severe allergic reaction, or for whom the first dose of the vaccine caused a severe allergic reaction, is issued a document on an ongoing basis.

"Certificates of contraindications" can also be obtained by persons with acute infectious diseases or exacerbated chronic diseases, as well as cancer patients receiving chemical therapy.

The Ministry of Health noted that the reason for the delay in issuing certificates is a large number of applications, some of which are not justified, and incorrect filling of documents.

“We treat the discontent of citizens with understanding. However, the examination of the appeal by the commission requires a certain amount of time. Since August 9 to date, positive responses have been given to over 300 appeals and these persons received "certificates of contraindications," the Ministry of Health said.

However, some experts believe that this system gives significant failures due to improper organization and misappropriation of funds. –21D06-


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