Opposition Movement Calls for Reforms to Avoid Collapse

The Azerbaijani Movement for Democracy and Prosperity issued a statement, urging the authorities to demonstrate political will and start real reforms to create an open society, accountable government, free and liberal economy.

The document says that Azerbaijan will not be able to develop further, while maintaining the administrative-command management system.

"In a society, where there is no freedom or competition, and monopoly is booming, there is no economic and political development," the document says.

Cheaper oil on the world market and the decline of oil production in Azerbaijan jeopardizes even the short-term stability in the country.

Of the 122 billion USD received by Azerbaijan over the past 15 years, there is only 35 billion USD left.

"We must finally stop spending money on marble slabs, fireworks, grandiose sporting and cultural events. It is necessary to integrate into the civilized world, to ensure political pluralism and respect for alternative views. Command and control is an administrative threat to long-term stability and means of the state budget and state-owned companies should be used in a transparent and accountable way,” the statement says.

 * The Azerbaijani Movement for Democracy and Prosperity was founded in February 2015. Its head is a well-known economist Gubad Ibadoglu. -06D-

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