Palms in the Boulevard Winter

The government is strenuously preparing to the opening of the first part of the Winter Boulevard. In this connection, the mayor Hajibala Abutalibov spends day and night in the area. Today he personally inspected the quality of the holes in the ground, wide holes driven into the ground to strengthen the walls of the underground parking.

Abutalibov carefully inspected the holes, as if measuring their depth and pretending to check how well the work is done.

The mayor and his staff refused to communicate with the media and journalists could not ask him about the fate of the architectural buildings, which is to be relocated. 

The journalists   could see dozens of high and perennial trees, imported, probably from southern countries at a fabulous price. Generally, palm trees is weak point of the mayor, and he plants them everywhere. Probably, this how he marks the territory, as if he wants to say "Hajibala was here."

The journalists who observed what was mayor looking for and could not understand what the mayor was looking for in holes in the ground; maybe he thought they were sewers?

Probably, press will have a lot of surprises there. The main thing  is that Hajibala  be there and opened his mouth.  Then journalists  should  keep  the recorder in one hand, and  keep their stomach with the other hand I order not to fall down from  laughing. -02В-


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