Parents of NIDA activists temporarily suspend their hunger strike

Parents of the eight accused activists of NIDA on the fourth day of the hunger strike suspended  a hunger strike after the call of the activists  themselves to parents. Otherwise, they threatened themselves go start a dry hunger strike , refusing from the water,  Turan was reported by a member of the Board of  the  NIDA  Movement, Aygun Panjalieva.

The young people has been on a hunger strike since April 17 after the prosecutor demanded to sentence them to lengthy prison terms ranging from 6.5 to 8.5 years. On April 20 mothers of three accused began a hunger strike - Zaur Gurbanli,  Rashadat Akhundova,  and Mehpara Novruzova. Sakina Gurbanov, mother of Zaur Gurbanly,told  today that the hunger strike is suspended until the verdict. The hunger strike  may be resumed if the verdict is unfair.

* Young people are accused of planning riots during a protest March 10, 2013 against the soldiers' deaths. All those arrested are declared  "prisoner of conscience"  by Amnesty International.—1606D—

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