Parviz Hashimli is a victim of the intrigues of the authorities

National Security Ministry (NSM)  is using my son to denigrate someone, said at  the press conference Kamran Hashimli,  the father  of a journalist and human rights activist, Parviz Hashimli, arrested a month ago.

An employee of the newspaper "Bizim Yol" , the head of the site, head of the Centre  to Protect Civil and Political Freedoms, a member of the Supreme Majlis  of PPFA, Parviz Hashimli, was arrested on September 18.

He was charged under Articles 206.3.2 (smuggling of weapons and ammunition by prior agreement) and 228.2.1 (illegal possession of firearms and ammunition by prior agreement) of the Criminal Code.

Hashimli  is kept  in the  detention center of the NSM. 

According to the father, his son  is interrogated by the General of the NSM, whose name he did not mention. The General told  Parviz that his destiny  is in his own hands. "Write that you repeatedly transferred money to the head of  the  Popular Front Party, Ali Kerimli. Write about it and give it us,  and we will hand over the letter to the President. However, Parviz swore on the Koran that  he does not have any relations  to arms and money. Then the general said that  until he does not write such a letter,  he will be a hostage  in the NSM," said the father of the journalist. He called on the Red Cross to help him, and  criticized the government and accused ministers of defrauding the president.

"If Parviz  really transferred money to Ali Kerimli,  you could carry out the operation and catch him," said K.Hashimli.

Elchin Sadigov, the lawyer of the arrested, said that the investigation  in the case of journalist is not going on,  he has never been  officially questioned. "Today, Parviz  is being questioned informally, although  it is contrary to law.  

There are a lot of  contradictions in the investigation. Thus,  on the black market  the pistol "Makarov" costs  $200-$300, but the investigation said that Parviz bought the guns for $ 2,000.

The numbers of pistols  follow each other.  It turns out that the smugglers buy weapons at the plant?"  said the lawyer ironically, referring to the fraud allegations.

According to Sadigov , the journalist  is kept in poor conditions. “He  is not given newspapers.

Walking is very short, and there is not a daylight in the cell. He  is not allowed to meet with family members. Instead of TV set there is a radio connected only to the radio Lider,” said the lawyer .

The lawyer also pointed out that the court rejected the petitions to replace  the arrest on home arrest and illegal searches. Now a complaint is being prepared to the European Court of Human Rights. The lawyer said about the threat to the life of a journalist. "Parviz said they will create such conditions that he will hang himself ,"  said Sadiqov .

The journalist’s wife  Ilakha Hashimli said that after the search of their home  their small daughter was badly frightened, and fell into depression. –03C06-


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