Elxan Əliyev

Elxan Əliyev

Baku/26.07.23/Turan: Deputy Head of the Organizational Department of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Elkhan Aliyev was detained today by employees of the Sabunchi district Police Department of Baku, the PNFA reported. The party noted that he was detained as a suspect under Article 178.3.2 (fraud) of the Criminal Code. The PFPA believes that Aliyev is being persecuted in connection with his political activities, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the detention of Aliyev.

According to Anar Gafarov, an employee of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aliyev Elkhan born in 1982, Aliyev Yusif born in 1977, and Akhundov Vafadar born in 1970 "abusing the trust of a citizen" sold him with fake documents a land plot in the village of Nardaran with an area of 0.14 hectares for 57,000 manats. On the basis of the received appeal, the police detained all three of these persons.

In fact, a lawsuit has been  filed in the investigation department of the Sabunchi District Police Department under  the Articles 178.3.2 (fraud committed with large-scale damage), 320.1 (illegal production of a document conferring rights) and 320.2 (intentional use of false documents) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. They were detained and handed over to the investigation as suspects.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, distributed by E. Aliyev on social networks, they are caused by the desire to insure their illegal actions and do not reflect reality." 

E.Aliyev , before his detention , distributed in facebook video in which he said that a stranger to him had been asking him for several days to help in finding a country house to buy.

Although Aliyev was engaged in real estate activity in the past, he has recently stopped working in this field. Nevertheless, Aliyev showed the person who addressed him several houses.

"For ten days now he has been asking me to find him a house or a country house. I showed him the house today, but he didn't like this option either. All this makes me suspicious. Now I'm going to meet with him, I don't know if this is a provocation of the authorities, or something else," Aliyev said.

Member of the Presidium of the PFPA Asif Aliyev believes that a criminal case has been fabricated against the activist of the party.

"The arrest of Elkhan Aliyev is connected with his political activities, with his harsh criticism of the government on social networks. In addition, he has recently been actively involved in the organizational structuring of the PFPA, including the preparation of the party's registry data for submission to the Ministry of Justice," Yusifli said.

Elkhan Aliyev has been repeatedly subjected to administrative arrests. ---03B21/06---

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