Press Review 02/28/15

Official newspapers write about Ilham Aliyev receiving credentials of the new ambassador of Poland to Azerbaijan, as well as publish a decree amending a number of laws in the country.

Azadlig, referring to the topic of tobacco price increase by 35-40%, believes that the cigarette mafia is plundering the population.

Due to exchange rate shocks after 21 February, many banks have frozen dollar operations. For this reason, citizens cannot withdraw their deposits in dollars.

Experts believe that outflow of deposits from banks will cause 20-30% inflation.

The Guardian writes that the Azerbaijani authorities will spend 6.5 billion GBP on the European Games. Against the background of the devaluation of the manat, it looks like the feast among the plague.

Inspectors of the Ministry of Transport again beat the driver, and the last two days the police received 10 complaints about traffic inspectors.

Bizim Yol writes that the well-known businessman Hafiz Mammadov, the owner of the football club Baku, is accused of tax evasion.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Hadi Rajabli denied that due to the birth of a second daughter in a family the state will pay 10 thousand manat.

Yeni Musavat

Purchase of an apartment for 5 million USD in the Flame Tower by an employee of the Baku Mayoralty Gudrat Shukurov has led to investigations into the source of wealth of the official. Shukurov had the apartment registered for his driver.

Experts argue that the reason for the increase in prices in the country is monopolization by officials and the lack of transparency in customs operations.

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